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Synonyms for low-pitched

being a sound produced by a relatively small frequency of vibrations

Synonyms for low-pitched

used of sounds and voices


set at a low angle or slant

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So when a loud advert comes on unexpectedly, the low-pitched sounds in the commercial, usually the music, are amplified and distorted.
Plucking Strings--Students need a piece of thick heavy string to find out how high-pitched and low-pitched sounds are produced in string instruments.
French newborns' cries started low-pitched and then moved higher.
They found that German newborns tend to cry with a high-pitched to low-pitched pattern while French newborns tend to cry with the opposite pattern--low-pitched to high-pitched.
It also is understood in the animal world that low-pitched sounds usually emanate from larger species (e.
The Gyuto monks perform low-pitched throat singing that supplicates for the well-being of all life on Earth.
Using a computer and a stereo headset, the student listens and tries to differentiate between high- and low-pitched sounds.
Symptoms include dull facial expressions, a low-pitched and hoarse voice, dry and scaly skin, brittle hair.
The low-pitched noise drowned out the final notes of his song.
The choice of instrumental ensemble reflects the darkness of Shakespeare's themes, with a low-pitched string quartet (two violas, cello and the composer on double bass) effectively extended by electric guitar played with a pedal, bass clarinet, piano and percussion including a cimbalon.
Crowned by an intricate cupola, the 2 1/2 story house still has many of its original Italianate features, including a low-pitched roof with wide, overhanging eaves and decorative wood brackets, attic windows, a pronounced front pediment, and paired arched windows on the second story of the front facade.
A one-story house with a low-pitched, gabled or hipped roof, with wide eaves
The bell- or funnel-shaped side of the stethoscope is designed to pick up low-pitched sounds.
Special heads pick up both high- and low-pitched sounds.
Long, slow waves make low-pitched sounds, like a bass guitar in a rock band.