low-pass filter

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a filter that passes frequencies below a certain value and attenuates frequencies above that value

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They can also be used in conjunction with a low-pass filter to produce a band pass filter.
Thirdly, a novel low-pass filter consisting of two improved DSCMRC connected in series is designed, simulated and measured in Section 4, which presents compact circuit size and excellent out-of -band rejection characteristics.
In the second part, we propose a compact low-pass filter by using the meander-shaped slot as a basic resonant circuit.
Theory of capacitive switch, design of the band-pass filter consisting of a third-order 3dB ripple Chebyshev low-pass filter and series capacitances are described in Section 2.
A low-pass filter is a circuit that allows low-frequency signals to pass through while reducing unwanted high-frequency signals from passing through.
This paper introduces an implementation form for the digital low-pass filter, which achieves a good precision of output evaluation, while keeping low the computational effort.
This 15 mm X 9 mm device integrates eight channels of a low-noise amplifier, voltage controlled attenuator, programmable gain amplifier, low-pass filter and a 12-bit 50 MSPS ADC with LVDS data outputs.
So, yes, the LFE channel can handle this source material and will function as a proper, full-bandwidth height channel with a standard 6-channel analog hookup, assuming a processor and player that will not low-pass filter the input.
The MCU also provides an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, as well as a 2-channel 10-bit Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output that can be used as a digital-to-analog converter by connecting a low-pass filter.
The AAF equalization circuit consists of a low-pass filter with a first-order frequency boost, a sample and hold, two comparators, a digital counter and some control logic, as shown in Figure 3.
A high-performance amplifier and 4-pole Butterworth low-pass filter, the SCS-818 8-channel module features a custom uni-polar to bi-polar output stage that can drive analog measurement and control signals greater than 50 meters, more than twice the distance for typical A/D and D/As, providing better measurement and control for electrically noisy real-time environments and data acquisition.
Semtech's proprietary digital low-pass filter samples the PWM dimming signal to extract the duty cycle information and maps this into the current setting DACs.
An ideal low-pass filter can be realized mathematically by multiplying a signal by the rectangular function in the frequency domain or convolution with its impulse response in the time domain.
6 megapixel sensor - for the first time in an EOS camera the low-pass filter effect in the EOS 5DS R model is cancelled.
HBF only has half computation of that of CIC because half of its coefficients are zero, so it is usually for the second-grade low-pass filter and extraction.