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(used of loans) charging a relatively small percentage of the amount borrowed

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Abundant, clean water is critical to the quality of life in Tennessee, and these low-interest loans will help local communities provide needed infrastructure updates to ensure our supply of water is available for future generations, said Haslam.
Department of Community and Economic Development has plans to support the continued growth of Pennsylvania small businesses by creating 165 new jobs and retaining 152 jobs through low-interest loans approved by the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) program, the department said.
The City of New York will receive $300,000 in grants and low-interest loans to clean up sites being used for new housing in the Bronx.
The bank will also help agricultural cooperatives stretch repayment terms for some of their outstanding loans while giving low-interest bridge loans to corporate borrowers.
During its meeting Tuesday in Sacramento, the California Postsecondary Education Commission will explore creating a program that would offer low-interest college loans to students whose families earn up to $120,000 a year.
The amendments to the PHFL provide New York City's Participatory Loan program with the statutory authority to provide low-interest loans for new apartment construction.
Homeowners rebuilding and repairing following Superstorm Sandy deserve a low-interest, fee-free loan that is as straightforward as possible," said Walter Celuch, president of Clifton Savings Bank.
Small Business Administration (SBA) has approved his request for federal low-interest disaster loans for individuals and businesses affected by flooding in southeastern Wisconsin last month.
Instead of promoting sound policies that lead to long-term economic growth, the IMF's low-interest loans have encouraged a dependence on fund bailouts.
Financial Assistance: Low-interest loans of up to $100,000 with terms between six months and three years are being offered.
Low-interest rate loans to children for home purchases
Smeltzer said the company has also been able to maintain its capital program, which currently hovers around $300 million, by taking advantage of state revolving loan funds (SRL)and other low-interest loan products made available to the company as a result of its strong balance sheet and excellent credit rating.
The site provides access to scores of free programs, grants, low-interest disaster loans and other services available to survivors and their families.
They're all trying to get their low-interest loans,'' said Bryan Schweickert, an environmental specialist for the regional board.
DeBenedictis continued, "Increases to revolving loan funds which allow Aqua to access tax-exempt, low-interest government loans and increases in tax-exempt financing should benefit the company in its continued investment in needed water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.
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