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having low relative density or specific gravity

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having low concentration

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Moisture in the indoor air migrates into the attic spaces, passes through the open-cell, low-density spray foam and is stored in the wood sheathing.
In addition, the rates of very low-density lipoprotein are only significant in the post test stage compared to the base stage.
Located in San Francisco, California, Propertyware pioneered property management solutions for single-family and low-density rental units through a full suite of on-demand property management tools that are self-provisioning.
Most Eugeneans who have chosen to live in an R-1 neighborhood - a zoning designation defined in the Eugene City Code as low density - have done so because they like the feel and privacy of a low-density neighborhood.
The plant will increase Qapco's output of low-density polyethylene to 700,000 metric tonnes per annum, with LDPE 3 making up nearly half of it.
The elastic member is arranged in the predetermined direction in which the plurality of high-density regions alternate with the plurality of low-density regions and the elastic member in an expanded state is attached to at least a part of each of the plurality of high-density regions, and the following equation is satisfied: (A+C)/X[?
Production of low-density polyethylene would be raised to 700,000 tonnes per year (tpy) from the present 400,000 tpy once the new polyethylene plant 3, becomes fully operational this year," Al Mulla says.
Company's Rotation Switch Series is designed for level sensing of low-density and potentially-explosive powders.
processor of PVC sheet, where it will be used to make low-density trim boards.
While the benefits of higher-density development are often understated, so are the detrimental effects of low-density development," says author Richard Haughey, ULI's director of multifamily development.
A low-density, non-HAP solvent for coatings and industrial cleaning and surface preparation applications, Eastman MPK is designed to offer low solvency, low density, and medium evaporation rate for use in low-VOC formulations.
Poole and his colleagues on a Boston University team led by Stanley identified two configurations of supercooled water molecules--the high-density form, or phase, and a low-density phase--neither of which has been observed experimentally.
Selecting a low-density foam material would result in less decomposition products present during metal filling to help maintain heat in the metal as it advanced through the foam pattern during casting.
The new era of urban development is dispersed, low-density, and multi-centered.
We predicted that if maternal effects are a robust influence on population dynamics of gypsy moth, caterpillars from high- and low-density populations should vary when reared under constant laboratory conditions.
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