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Synonyms for loving

Synonyms for loving

feeling and expressing affection

Antonyms for loving

feeling or showing love and affection

References in classic literature ?
These are the spirits of the flowers, and this the Fairy Home where those whose hearts were pure and loving on the earth come to bloom in fadeless beauty here, when their earthly life is past.
On a rosy morning cloud, surrounded by the loving Elves, went Eva through the sunny sky.
I can only ask of you the power to be as pure and gentle as yourselves, as tender and loving to the weak and sorrowing, as untiring in kindly deeds to all.
Love Carrie, Belle and Jacob xxx FUDGE joanne thanks for looking after me and loving me xxx charlie FENTON Annemarie To my god mum have a relaxing day love you lots like jelly tots love serenmarie xx FENTON Shannon leigh Thank you mummy for everything you do for me love you lots love kyrynanthony xxx FINN Christine Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mum and nan.
Anderson Trevor Happy Fathers Day To My Loving Husband Of 30 Years Love Your Loving Wife Diane x Anderson Trevor Happy Father's Day Dad / grumpy grandad with love sharyn, andy and the rest of the tribe xxxxxxxxxxx Anderson Trevor Happy Fathers Day Dad, Grumpy Grandad Enjoy Your Day All Our Love Crystial Shea And Evie xx Anderson Trevor Happy Fathers Day Dad Hope It's A Good One Love Your Youngest Son Steven x Arnold Graham Happy Father's Day Dad
From your loving son, Gary Tierney Joe Happy Father's Day Super Dad We love you lots Bethany and Lauren xx Turner Martin Happy Father's Day to a wonderful dad
Lots of love Liam, Britney and Bruno xx Barry TONY Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world, lots of love Lee, Craig, Kelly & Danni xxx BARTLEY ARTHUR Happy Fathers Day Grandad Love Annie & Esmae-Rose xx BASHFORD PAUL Your One in a million with the biggest heart from your loving children and grandchildren x BATES JOHN Happy fathers day john hope you have a nice day love ya lots love carly x BEATTY DEREK my dad always please get better your a fighter love u denise xx BEDFORD RONNIE Happy Fathers Day to the best dad and grandad love from Sammie and kids xxx Bell BRIAN Happy Father's day dad / grandad love you lots Kerry, Chelsea, Sophie, Jorgie and your best girl Bobbie x Bell JOSEPH WILLIAM Happy Fathers Day to the best daddy in the world.
Love Nicola & Gary xx xx LUNT KENNETH To my lovely dad miss you loads always in my heart and thoughts your loving daughter Cindy xxx LUNT MICHAEL Happy Father's Day to the best dad.
xxxx Sproat Colin (ButCh) in memory of a loving grandad on Father's Day.
total heroic goodness, loving God and neighbour without limits, with all our heart, soul, mind and soul, without the least trace of selfishness and egocentrism.
To stay in Love's orbit, we must practice unconditional positive regard for our partner; loving them even when they reveal their dark side to us, as we hope they will love us through revealing ours.
Like Pavlov's dog, we have become programmed to believe it, to internalize it, to suspect that when love does come sniffing around us, we better shoo it away in a hurry because we know black men and women can't co-exist in a loving relationship.
Nina Baym shows how nineteenth century woman's fiction, defined as written by, for, and about women, advocated the true marriage ideal for its heroines: sincere and deep love was not blind in these novels and united the heroine with a worthy, strong, loving man; see Baym, Woman's Fiction: A Guide to Novels by and about Women in America, 1820-1870 (Ithaca, NY, 1978), chap.
Friendship in this sense depends upon the act of loving unconditionally.