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Synonyms for loved

regarded with much love and tenderness

Antonyms for loved

held dear

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She loved the man whose arms were around her and whose lips were pressed to hers.
I don't know," he laughed, "unless just by loving you, for I loved you hard enough to melt the heart of a stone, much less the heart of the living, breathing woman you are.
I said that I never loved anybody but you," he replied.
They sat on through the passing glory of the day, talking as lovers are prone to talk, marvelling at the wonder of love and at destiny that had flung them so strangely together, and dogmatically believing that they loved to a degree never attained by lovers before.
He had heard that women often did care for ugly and ordinary men, but he did not believe it, for he judged by himself, and he could not himself have loved any but beautiful, mysterious, and exceptional women.
I had lied to her from the first; I had told her that I loved her, and then I had cast her off; I had brought all this sorrow upon an unhappy girl who had braved the opinion of the world for me, and who therefore should have been sacred in my eyes.
He should be loved as his mother would have loved him.
I knew all that a steadfast love means, the love that delights to find a pleasure in self-sacrifice; in everything I did my first thought would always be for the woman I loved.
And of them all, I loved and hated none as I did her.
How delicious it was to tell her that you loved her, that you lived for her, that you would die for her
It is now three years, madame, since I saw you for the first time, and during those three years I have loved you thus.
For that night, madame, that night you loved me, I will swear it.
If you loved me, you would view all this otherwise.
I was a child and She was a child, In this kingdom by the sea, But we loved with a love that was more than love - I and my ANNABEL LEE - With a love that the wingéd seraphs of Heaven Coveted her and me.
All our love Lucas & Marcus xxx McQUADE Margaret Happy Mothers day Nan love Jodie and Dominic xx MEAD Louise Thanks for being the best mummy in the world xx Love from Dan & Ruby xx MEAD Teresa You've loved me and I've loved you and I will forever.