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Synonyms for lovebird

small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors

small African parrot noted for showing affection for their mates

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In 1 lovebird, only the proventriculus and ventriculus were submitted, and in 2 lovebirds, only the proventriculus, ventriculus, and liver were submitted.
Lovebirds is written in the style of a script, but I play all the characters.
As guests went into the dining room, they entered a garden setting centered with a massive columned birdcage among a menagerie of potted plants, greenery, flowering branches, flowers, and tiny velvet lovebirds with satin ribbon tails.
I am very pleased that you have chosen lovebirds as pets.
Consequently, it takes many hours of grooming for a lovebird to keep its beak down to a manageable level.
In due course, the fathers of the two lovebirds died and the respective families were resigned to their fate, almost forgetting the case.
They condemned the fancy among the youngsters to celebrate Valentine's Day by declaring they would hound the lovebirds and similar courting couples and discourage them from aping the West.
It was mocked ruthlessly in ``Sleepless in Seattle,'' but I defy anyone with two X chromosomes not to cry at the end when the two lovebirds overcome the usual obstacles of stupid misunderstandings and terrible accidents for their love to prevail.
For example, some of the most common birds--like the parakeets, lovebirds, and cockatiels that anyone can get at their local pet store--are some of the gayest birds I know.
And, at pounds 2 a day, lovebirds can make a saving of 90p on the price of two single chairs.
Hammer depicts a man who spends hours at Iris rooftop aviary with a collection of doves, canaries, finches, and lovebirds, cleaning their cages, clipping their wings, and even singing to them.
The lovebirds agree to disagree on how they first met.
Finches, parakeets and cockatiels came in by the dozen - mostly from private bird owners - and canaries and lovebirds were purchased at the pet store.
Rite Aid offers games for a very special Valentine's Day where lovebirds are sure to win every time.