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Synonyms for lovable

Synonyms for lovable

easy to love

Synonyms for lovable

having characteristics that attract love or affection



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God comes in the love of another who loves us so deeply and unconditionally that we dare to accept our own loveableness.
She reveals exasperation with Sterne's tendency to overindulge those features of Toby's character that most successfully capture the loveableness some readers fondly appreciate: "Yet there are moments, especially in the later books of Tristram Shandy, where the hobby-horse is ridden to death," and Walter's "invariable eccentricity tries our patience" ("Sterne" 91).
Believe me, the fact she doesn't want you isn't a reflection on your loveableness.
By such love it is oriented positively to what is transcendent in loveableness.
You may behave so aggressively in your search for sex and love because you actually feel insecure and lacking in confidence about your attractiveness and your loveableness.