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Synonyms for love-lies-bleeding

young leaves widely used as leaf vegetables

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Understanding the common name of love-lies-bleeding requires a longer stretch of the imagination.
Love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus) has drooping red tassel flowers and young leaves that may be eaten when cooked.
If someone stumbled upon them this way, him like the big folded wings of her, and jumped back, fearing it an angel fallen, dead or asleep, or bent over and sniffed, thinking it a love-lies-bleeding, they might not budge, the way the woodcock, confident in her camouflage, continues to sit still even if you come up and pet her in the nest, When the sun enters the room, lighting her hair, that lies strewn across the pillow as though it had been washed up, he wakes and watches her, her lips are blubbed from the kissing, her profile is fierce, like that of a figurehead seeing over the rim of the world.
There's cockscomb, eye-catching and in startling good health, as well as marigolds, crown imperial, asters, larkspur, and an odd little flowering plant named love-lies-bleeding.
A Snapdragon B Wallflower C Canterbury Bells D Love-lies-bleeding QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: Which spirit is flavoured with juniper berries?
Fourth row: Deep red love-lies-bleeding (left) and cherry pink cleome (right) flank cosmos in pink and rose shades.
And he is putting in flowers such as forget-me-not and love-lies-bleeding, grown from seed at his country home.