love handle

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excess fat around the waistline

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It is the sort of thing you take up when the corporeal love handles keep pace with the bibliographical ones.
Similar panels run down the sides to compress love handles and shape the thighs.
Rock added, "Responding to customer demand, Debenhams has developed products designed to pull in tummies, lift bottoms and smooth love handles specifically for men.
Fifty-eight-year-old real estate attorney Samuel Himmelstein is getting ready to rock next Friday at Lafayette Grill & Bar at 54 Franklin Street, as his band, the Love Handles, heads back to the stage after a six-month hiatus.
Love Handles, the product of these first-time inventors and Worcester natives, is an exercise device combining two elliptical handles with a universal clamp.
To develop six pack abs and thwart the dreaded love handles, perform the following:
Do your love handles upset you more than your credit card bill?
I definitely don't have six-pack abs and found love handles a long time ago.
The survey found women are constantly trying to slim down to look better, feel fitter and raise their self esteem, while men want to lose the love handles and spice up the romance in their life.
You see him strutting around the weighing room with his love handles, and because he's not tall he looks chubby"
Louis submits to liposuction to suck out the fat on his tummy and love handles.
At 475 pounds -- with a bullet -- Wells surpasses the original Big Fat Tub of Goo, former Dodger Terry Forster, who went on to record, "Fat is in" with his backup group, The Love Handles.
I could certainly do with losing the old love handles.
Failure to get a handle on this situation now could eventually lead to the development of national love handles that refuse to go away.