love handle

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excess fat around the waistline

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A needle the size of my little finger goes into my love handle
London, Sep 20 (ANI): Scientists have come up with a new machine that freezes away unwanted body fat to remove love handles, beer bellies and bingo wings.
They're generally alkaline in nature and the more alkaline your body, the better it'll function, and the easier it'll be to lose the love handles.
8220;We have found CoolSculpting to be most effective on resistant localized areas such as back fat, love handles and isolated abdomen [belly or tummy] fat and the ideal candidate for this procedure is within 10 to 20 pounds of their target body weight,” Dr.
The health guru and nutritionist combats specific problems such as bingo wings, love handles and man boobs.
Got up early this morning, just couldnt sleep was thinking about my new holiday clothes, on the floor in a heap For the day before, I tried them all on which would be best to catch the sun when it shone But that''s just where I hit a snag I havn''t even left yet, but I''m feeling the lag My newclothes could be described as 'snug'' they fit where they touch, like a very tight hug For zipping up the new summer twirly skirt my skin it pinched, ouch, it really hurt My newpolka dot bikini, with it''s classic thong looks more like silly string, obscured by the flab,well that''s just wrong Theres definatelymore ofme than therewas love handles have bloomed, and that''s because I fell in love, served huge portions for my man I tucked in too, kept him company, bought a bigger pan
They lift and firm flabby bums, suck in beer bellies and smooth away love handles.
Of the 1,000 men surveyed*, 64 per cent were worried about the 7 pounds of weight they piled on over Christmas, with moobs (man boobs), love handles and flabby bums causing the most concern.
From left: Samuel Himmelstein by day, and Samuel Himmelstein by night; the Love Handles rock out (see Himmselstein in tie dye, at far left)
James want parents to trade in their spare tires for Love Handles.
To develop six pack abs and thwart the dreaded love handles, perform the following:
Do your love handles upset you more than your credit card bill?
The survey found women are constantly trying to slim down to look better, feel fitter and raise their self esteem, while men want to lose the love handles and spice up the romance in their life.
You see him strutting around the weighing room with his love handles, and because he's not tall he looks chubby"