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I love grass and the courts are great so it suits me.
Substantial vegetative cover in the juniper/oak/persimmon habitat was provided by the other grasses categories (39% summed for all three levels) consisting of Texas winter grass (Nasella leuchotrichia), mesquite grass (Bouteloua rigidiseta), spreading love grass (Eragrostis pectinacea), King Ranch bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum), arrowfeather (Aristida purpurea), love grass (Eragrostis secundiflora), fox grass (Setaria leucophila) and common switchgrass (Panicum capillare) (Table 1, Fig.
Other grasses were the most abundant herbaceous material (35%) including winter grass, spear grass, oldfield threeawn, love grass, ovalleaf sedge (Carex cephalophora), arrowfeather, starved rosette grass, and hairy gramagrass (Bouteloua hirsuta).
Weeping love grass, spread- ing bent Alnus glutinosa (L.
I'm comfortable here, I love grass, I know what it takes to win Wimbledon and the other guys know I get up for it.
Our chickens love grass (small, young, tender stuff) so Jerry invented the chicken diner.
CREATE THE LOOK: Paint the decking yellow so it looks like sand and surround it with a swathe of evergreen ornamental grasses such as the weeping love grass, Eragrostis curvula and Carex Frosted Curls to represent the waves of the sea.
Wildebeest love grass, caterpillars love the early rains, which, in turn, attract massive flocks of storks and terns to feed on them.