love feast

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Synonyms for love feast

a social gathering intended to create goodwill among the participants

a religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship

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In Indonesia, at least 10 cities banned or curtailed love feast celebrations .
In its original context, the Love Feast drew from the banqueting practices of the Greco-Roman world.
But for one reader, our Valentine Love Feast provided something we didn't put on the five-course menu.
Calling it a Love Feast is appropriate in more than one way, for this is food truly cooked with love.
Forget vying with other couples in public displays of affection this Valentine's Day and tuck into a lavish love feast at home.
Love Feast represents a unity in the body of our church, and we didn't want to falsely portray that," said Liz Bidgood Enders, explaining the decision to delay the Love Feast until the community could come together as one again.
The Love Feast, a German ceremony adopted by the Aboriginal people of Newfoundland at which people offer each other tea to display affection and unity, will begin activities on the Sunday.
Early Christians referred to the Eucharist as agape or love feast.
But some congressmen are missing from this love feast of agreement on the need to fix the Balanced Budget Act.
The winter furrow may seem to doze on in oblivion, but like "pensive Selene," the poet caresses and coaxes, honoring and remembering in brief "stanzas for a love feast.
In addition to a ceremony at the Civil Rights Institute, the city is presenting a proclamation in honor of King, youth are participate in special activities, gospel and folk entertainers are teaming up for a festival and homeless and senior citizens are attending a love feast in their honor.
These include The Final Beast (1965), about a minister whose actions are misinterpreted; The Entrance to Porlock (1970), about a family's Oz-like search for a mystic happiness; Lion Country (1971), in part a parody of contemporary Christianity; and Open Heart (1972), Love Feast (1974), and Treasure Hunt (1977), all on religious themes.
At 11am the Santa hat procession will arrive at Kennedy square and Makarios Avenue where there will be numerous activities for children to take part in at the Love Feast.
The day ended on a happy note with everyone partaking in the love feast with friends and family.