love child

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the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

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Jackson, 50, never publicly commented on rumors about a love child.
Alongside Al in Ali's Love Child are Jack Donnelly (lead vocals), Jordan Smith (guitar), Dom Visser (drums) and Will Nutting (bass).
Parkinson was forced to resign when news of the love child emerged publicly later in 1983.
One love child, Mazarine Pingeot, 39, has said she was not allowed to call her father Papa in public and had to hide in cars when driven to and from the Elysee palace.
They are usually the love child of a male zebra and a female donkey but have the inability to reproduce, due to the incompatability of their parents' chromosomes.
In "Francesca," a man who meets his love child for the first time fantasizes about seducing her, just as her married mother once seduced him.
Amish Love Child is a trio based in Eugene that is ready to give birth to its debut CD.
Letscher, who displays good comic chops, looks more like the love child of Bill Pullman and Peter Sarsgaard than '50s movie giant Rock Hudson.
David and Bathsheba's love child was illegitimate and had to die, but Solomon, like King Arthur, was conceived after his mother's first husband had died and was therefore legitimate.
She will also shock the showbiz world by revealing that Danniella Westbrook is his secret love child.
Fashion photography is the love child of art and commerce, alternately spoiled and spurned, so many of its most successful auteurs (including Corinne Day, Terry Richardson, and Matthias Vriens) feel the need to establish their independence from even the field's most unconventional conventions.
NEWS that Bishop Roddy, 56, had a 15-year-old love child rocked the Catholic Church.
Newcastle rock and roll band Ali's Love Child are hoping to stand out from the crowd after reaching the -nals of a national music competition.
Jay Z and Free have both vehemently denied the reports about their hookup and alleged love child.
THE family of Hugh Grant's third love child adore the little lad - but say he looks nothing like the Hollywood star.