love bite

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a temporary red mark on a person's skin resulting from kissing or sucking by their lover


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The panel ruled he did ask a colleague if he could give her a "chickynini", the Filipino word for love bite, on her breast.
The girl was taken away by the police, and in an interview she said that Tyler had caused the love bites.
Keep things in perspective - Laura will always be your baby but she's growing up and this is just a love bite.
I said it wasn't but he said it was disrespectful in his country to have a love bite in a visible area.
A WOMAN was yesterday found guilty of sexually assaulting a young man after she tried to give him a love bite.
Lauren McDonald, 25, features in a strip club scene in the film Love Bite, which stars Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr and Auf Wiedersehen Pet's Timothy Spall.
I'M told Skins star Luke Pasqualino and Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr are "openly dating" while filming comic horror Love Bite in the UK.
She was recently spotted sporting a love bite and tucking into a McDonald's - leading cruel critics to crown her trailer trash queen.
Barmy Sally Webster was obsessed with turning Rosie -now sporting a love bite on her neck -into the next Barbara Streisand.
KATE MOSS paraded at Glastonbury yesterday - with a tattooed pal and a love bite.
The other day I came home from his place with a love bite, which I didn't realise was there.
Washington, Apr 8 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian was seen trying to hide what looked like a love bite, during a shopping trip with her rumoured new boyfriend Kanye West.
And Jessica Szohr, star of teen drama Gossip Girl, is working with Timothy Spall in High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, on horror comedy Love Bite.
Usually I just give the man I'm with a love bite but I have been tempted to sink my teeth in.
The documentary was a wonderful wallow in nostalgia, remembering a simpler time when we worried about getting a love bite, not chlamydia.