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The brand's original jerk barbecue sauce has been joined by Fiery Guava and Love Apple Tomato.
The tomato - originally known as the love apple - is Britain's fourth most popular fruit, behind bananas, apples and oranges.
The kids love apple pies - we make them a lot," Eiko Treder says.
We love Apple products but we are launching Glide Engage on Android, Blackberry, the Palm Pre, Symbian and Windows Mobile first.
It's not too hard to see why BrandZ gave Apple the title – fans just love Apple.
Wellington, June 11 (ANI): Boys and girls, who love Apple products, can strike new romances based on their favourite gadgets on a new website, called Cupidtino.
BUY HEIRLOOM TOMATO SEEDLINGS Hundreds of biodynamically grown rare and unusual tomatoes, plus old favorites, are available as potted starts from Love Apple Farm in Ben Lomond (10-3 Wed and Sat-Sun; 9299 Glen Arbor Rd.
And I love apple crumble and bread and butter pudding.
As far as the consumer confidence, Apple lovers will continue to love Apple, anti-Apple people will have one more reason to feel that way and the majority of consumers out there will move on to other things very soon," she said.
The Huddersfield outfit will play at the Love Apple bar in Bradford on April 5 at the Sunday Funday Goes DisOriental event.
There it was known as Moor's apple, which was mispronounced as love apple (pomo dei moi to poma amoris).
Roots also brought out two further table sauces last October, a Love Apple Tomato Sauce and a Fiery Guava Dipping Sauce, which from April will be stocked alongside the Reggae Reggae variant at all the major supermarkets.
Just ask former attorney Cynthia Sandberg, who planted some for fun 10 years ago and has since become a full-time grower of roughly 100 varieties at Love Apple Farm (www.
If you could grow just one vegetable if would have to be the humble love apple, a kitchen fixture since it first sailed here from South America 200 years ago.
Lycopersicon esculentum - oh, all right then, tomato - the original love apple - I am not sure what my wife's reaction would be if I brought her a tray of tomatoes for Valentine's Day rather than a bunch of flowers.