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Synonyms for lovable

Synonyms for lovable

easy to love

Synonyms for lovable

having characteristics that attract love or affection



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Lovableness has never been much of a factor when Winslet chooses a role, but she admits she had a hard time wrapping her mind around Sarah's emotionally distant parenting.
Find ways to feel better about yourself, your body and your lovableness.
Here, then, is a person who will accept me regardless of my failures, no matter how low I sink morally, psychologically, physically-not because I presumably possess some goodness, some lovableness, but because I in fact really have it, even though I at times might despair of locating it.
the remote taint of her servile and savage origin gave her a kind of fascination which refuses to let itself be put into words: it was like the grace of a limp, the occult, indefinable lovableness of a deformity, but transcending those in infinite degree, and going for the reason of its effect deep in the mysterious places where the spirit and animal meet and part in us.
I know that the idea of Sabina doubting her existence, or her lovableness, may be impossible for you to imagine, Jay.
The God who is love reflects divine love and lovableness in real, reachable people.
As Kevin Arnold on the series of 60s nostalgia, Fred's whole persona is drenched in lovableness.
Even if our ideas or principles clash, we are held in unison, in dynamic equilibrium, by our mutual recognition of each other's infinite lovableness, importance and essential unique reality.
Somehow ``Scooby-Doo's'' humor and lovableness translates beyond borders and - since there are a number of adults in the ranks of fans - age.