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Synonyms for lovable

Synonyms for lovable

easy to love

Synonyms for lovable

having characteristics that attract love or affection



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First, McDonald and colleagues (2005) found that emotionally cold home environments were associated with avoidance of intimacy with God, whereas overprotective, rigid, or authoritarian homes predicted high levels of both avoidance of intimacy with God and anxiety over lovability in a relationship to God.
Bernards before they became a breed--when they were just big, strong, mountain farm dogs (they are related to other Swiss breeds, like the Bernese Mountain Dog)--and trace their path through the late 19th century, by which time the puppies were already a favourite subject for saccharine paintings focused on their lovability.
2010), girls school prospectuses construct an emotional landscape aligned with desire for love, the giving of love and lovability.
65) The distinction permeates the Nicomachean Ethics, applying to good judges, (66) knowledge, (67) ends, (68) being unaffected, (69) anger, (70) willingness, (71) complete virtue, (72) incontinence, (73) vice, (74) lovability, (75) friendship, (76) and pleasure.
The character with his combination of torment and lovability fits Shalhoub like his skin.
The result has been efficiency rather than lovability.
Conjuring the physicality of the body, its fragility, its blackness, its lovability, counteracts the distorting and distancing discourse of the adults.
But Charlie's lovability is overemphasized and his eccentricity is too whimsical for his more realistic emotional issues and darker mental dysfunctions to really register.
In a later work, Vertin shifts his terminology from a "notion of holiness" to a "notion of lovability.
While the novel in its entirety reveals her immaturity as a reader of character, it also reveals her native warmth and her lovability.
It is true that he never practiced lovability in his early years of coaching, as witnessed in "The Junction Boys.
There is, evidently, another, less tangible factor -- its lovability.
Secure attachment is associated with an internalized sense of lovability, of being worthy of care, of being effective in eliciting care when required, and a sense of personal efficacy in dealing with most stressors independently.
This resource has been associated with increased empowerment, realization of personal strengths, coping ability, self-confidence, lovability, and sense of belonging.
That is, its portrayal of a maddeningly inadequate person seems itself much more adequate when taken as a wry affirmation of the good lovability of Pat and of other maddeningly inadequate persons such as ourselves.