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supplied with louvers for ventilation

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the addition of a louvered door with natural airflow prevented a flammable concentration from forming due to a leak in an enclosed closet; and
The SR42UBEIS has louvered front and rear doors with sealing gaskets that allow ample airflow and keep out dripping and splashing water.
Exceptional preservation work has kept these villas in their magnificent original state, and the photographs, shot exclusively for this book mainly by Brent Winebrenner, show examples in each area of the island--from the interiors and exteriors in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Cien-fuegos and Pinar del Rio, to close-up details of courtyards, balconies, galleries, balustrades, grilles and louvered doors in Trinidad, Matanzas and Holguin.
The luxurious fit-out below features brushed steel fittings, louvered doors and teak or oak finishes.
The bridge is famous among bridge buffs for its architectural detailing, including 10 gothic style louvered windows on each side, and its semi -elliptical portals.
Expert tip: Louvered fences can also be opened and closed for a similar effect and are a good choice for cutting views and creating privacy within different areas of the garden.
A grand, 4-story atrium is capped with "Big Ass Fans" and louvered skylights bring natural light into many of the spaces despite being located deep in the facility.
com 3 Pride Family Brands expands its traditional styling offerings with the Castelle Electra Collection, created to incorporate decorative cast elements with a bold louvered back design.
Feature elements can be highlighted as a whole--for instance, a louvered vent.
Louvered grilles in the lower rear wall capture the airborne contaminants.
On a totally different note, Baptist's installation Neighour is a hand manipulated louvered frame that reveals and conceals simultaneously.
In one form or the other, louvered shutters can be seen in houses all over the world: from India to Fiji, from England to South Africa.
Outside the GT S is distinguished with a black louvered grille, 20-inch alloy wheels housing red brake callipers, LED lights and twin oval exhausts.
With flat, chiseled surfaces, upright windows and a trademark seven-slot louvered grille H3 continues to stand out.