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one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain


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Designed by MDIM Architects, the building features a series of vertical louvers that allow light and air to enter each home, while also providing shade throughout the day and privacy during the evenings.
The system's louvers, functioning like household blinds, automatically open and close based on various inputs from the vehicle.
Then the louver radii are edge-sanded on Delle Vedove edge sanders.
Homes at The Louver House feature high-end finishes with modern appliances and expansive walls of windows, washer/dryer hook-ups and hardwood floors throughout.
Good parabolic louver luminaires were about 75 percent efficient, and lens fixtures were about 55 percent efficient.
At LA Louver, a hodgepodge of small stage set-like tableaux suggesting the actual sites or psychological spaces of stories passed on to the artist by his parents, along with drawings that resonated with this material, came together under the title of Dugout I (all works 1994-2004), a reference to where Allen's baseball-player father spent countless hours and to the dirt-floor house in which Allen's mother was born.
Each louver panel has a center made of 2- by 4-inch wire screen stapled to a frame of pressure-treated wood.
Particularly in louvering," he adds, "you get those kinds of errors because of the constant rising and falling of the sheet, as well as the problem of bumping into protrusions from the lower die if the lower stripper plate on a louver is not properly adjusted.
Louver, landscape pioneer ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts, the Century City Foundation and Gainsborough Capital, and in partnership with the Century City Chamber of Commerce, Century City Chamber of Commerce Arts Council, and the Century City BID Association.
The louver reflector works to hide the light source and directs the light downward, avoiding blinding light in the eyes of passersby and drivers.
The Louver House in Williamsburg has reached the 60 percent sold mark,
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker is recalling the vehicle because of problems with hood louver clips.
When compared to traditional, louver shutters, the HYFLO[R] Shutter increases fan performance up to 9.
Failure of the condenser air outlet louvers to open or close is due to binding of the louver actuation cables.
As with his last bravura turn at LA Louver, "Looking at Landscape/Being in Landscape" in 1998, these new pictures show Hockney returning to the land of his birth and finding there some affinities with his second home in the American West--most notably in their shared panoramic skylines.