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infestation with lice (Pediculus humanus) resulting in severe itching

the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions

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Over the past five years or so, there has been an increasing recognition, especially among branded companies, to demonstrate greater concern or the environment, (he well-being of their communities and the sustainability of their lousiness practices.
My dad left corporate America to open a gourmet food lousiness.
Cushman & Wakefield Soncenblick Goldman's Global Hospitality Group announced that the Hilton Long Island/Huntington, a 304-room hotel on the Route 110 lousiness corridor in the center of Long Island, has been sold by an institutional ownership group to Prudential Real Estate Investors and The Dow Hotel Company.
They believe it will foster innovation, improve lousiness efficiencies, and lead to a better consumer shopping experience.
In "Keine Lazarovitch, 1870-1959," a passionate tribute to his "fierce" and beautiful mother, Montreal poet Irving Layton cursed "the inescapable lousiness of growing old.
Since literature has become big lousiness, the only way that a work of literature gets world recognition is if it becomes a best seller.
Here's a werewolf movie guaranteed to have you howling with horror, a lump of lupine lousiness so rubbish you'll be rooting for the monster right from the start.
While the rest of the world is getting down to lousiness and sealing deals by lunch, are Islanders still asking each other about their kids and their weekends over coffee?
We're working to help educate the employee not to get an injury," says Cindy Ross, account executive, lousiness development.
I could survive some lousiness, some uncomfortableness, some decline.
When the researchers counted lice by washing them off the pigeons, however, the difference in lousiness disappeared.
Under this rule, it is illegal to produce, say, Microsoft brand ramen noodles, even though that other Microsoft isn't in the noodle business, lest the lousiness of your pasta undermine the software company's reputation.
Tho I miss you, our dear Australia is greater than ourselves: and this pretended sophistication that I noted last night with everyone rushing to Sydney is a sort of lousiness, and to go out west is to roll in the sand or a good dusty place and be cleansed.
These include cable and the new digital lousiness streams from that cable infrastructure, the solutions business, the data lousiness, and the Internet, as well as global and local.