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Synonyms for lour

set lower

make lower or quieter

look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval

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About one in lour physicians uses social media daily or even multiple times each day to scan or explore medical information, while 14% use social media each day to contribute new medical information, according to a survey of 485 primary care physicians and oncologists.
Chang Shan, also known as Dichroa febrifuga Lour, probably helps with malarial fevers because traces of a halofuginone-like chemical in the herb interfere with this same process in malaria parasites, killing them in an infected person's bloodstream.
I have been studying the pharmacotoxicological properties of the medicinal plants of Asia and the Pacific for the last 15 years (Wiart, 2006a,b, 2010,2012) and the sole members of the family Rutaceae recorded in China belong to the genus Tetradium Lour.
LIFE is a program designed specifically for the narrow web marketplace and addresses lour key elements of the narrow web printing and converting industry: clean production, energy and greenhouse gases, product and environmentally preferable materials, and management practices.
Location of the new office, just lour miles from Eurofins' existing site, means existing staff have been retained and there has been minimum disruption to clients.
14 opening night audience wasn't stingy with its "Bravos," even if the lour leads occasionally ran roughshod over Verdi's indications to sing softly.
The East Gate development represents expansion on our part and a vote of confidence in the new part of lour town centre.
According to AOL, Mandatory will distill the best of everything of interest to men into lour categories--Play, Know, Women and Awesome.
In their lour of manufacturing facilitates the two witnessed how parts are produced from heavy coils of steel, how they are assembled into a car body and painted.
A similarly compelling, yet far-in-the-future technology, is 4K HDTV With lour times ihe resolution of a 1080p HI) stream, Samsung's 4K TV was almost better than real life.
Grocery is also an important class of trade for 5-1 lour Energy, which is manufactured by Living Essentials, based in Farmington Hills, Mich.
Over the past lour months or so I've been undergoing my first semester of student teaching in an elementary school.
College academic fraternity Gamma Iota Sigma, which began more than lour decades ago at Ohio State University, is dedicated to promoting, exchanging and sustaining students' interest in insurance, risk management and actuarial science.
And that's exactly the idea behind Your Playlist Can Change lour life: Ten Proven Ways Your Favorite Music Can Revolutionize Your Health, Memory, Organization, Alertness, and More (Sourcebooks, 2012).
En Venezuela se emplean como ornamentales y la especie Plectrantus amboinicus Lour.