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a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again

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La metamorphose illusoire: Des theories chretiennes de la metamorphose aux images medievales du loup-garou.
Les chiens de Dieu: La representation du loup-garou en Occident (XIe-XIX siecles).
In Japan, few know the story of loup-garou, preferring instead to think of Blue Dog as the spiritual reincarnation of Tiffany.
Tres tot et pendant toute sa vie, Rachilde a cultive cette image du loup-garou, de l'intrepide outsider.
In France, the werewolf was known as loup-garou, in Italy as lupo mannaro.
Paul Delarue, the editor who has compiled thirty-five versions of the folktale, found that bzou was always used in the story for brou or garou, which in the Nivernais was loup-brou or loup-garou.
In French folklore the werewolf is called loup-garou .
A graphic novelist well-versed in loup-garou legend, Aiden provides essential background on how these supernatural creatures differ from traditional werewolves: Their bites aren't contagious, they switch form at will, and, most significantly, they actually become wolves, rather than the traditional man-wolf hybrid.
But he is most famous for pictures of a blue dog called a loup-garou (a werewolf or ghost dog).
Comme je l'ai montre dans "La Vampirisation du Biographique: Rachilde, Le Grand Saigneur" (Romanic Review, January 1998, 111-22), la vision de Rachilde est hantee par la malediction qui pese sur elle, et fait d'elle un loup-garou jusqu'a la cinquieme generation.
Le desir de s'identifier au loup-garou est un autre moyen pour Rachilde de subvertir sa genealogie tout en l'enfermant dans la legende familiale.