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railroad car having a bar and tables and lounge chairs

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During their dining experience, they will be encouraged to relax in the Lounge Car, enjoy the views from Grappa's large windows and visit the Deli Car that is not often open to the public.
The train has Gold and Silver Class accommodations, as well as two dining cars and a lounge car.
Reminiscent of a 1940s film set, the Caledonian comes complete with a fine array of single malts in the lounge car which you can savour while perched on one of its opulent leathesofas or playing cards with fellow travellers.
You can enjoy a night cap from the Lounge Car and as you wake in the morning, you'll be greeted with a light breakfast and tea or coffee - arriving relaxed and ready to enjoy your break in the heart of central London.
Enjoy a nightcap from the Lounge Car while the Caledonian Sleeper speeds you through the night to London Euston.
She also put pounds 15,000 into Nasri's Limo Lounge car firm and did the accounts after asking him to his close escort agency, Seventh Heaven.
Expect private compartments with personal stewards, skilled French chefs whipping up continental gourmet fare, the tinkling of a baby grand piano in the lounge car, and elegantly dressed passengers evoking the golden age of travel-with time to soak up the monumental scenery of pristine alpine corridors that only a rail journey provides.
In the comfortable lounge car, you meet other businessmen and several military officers who are also going to the Forum.
But sometimes a guest returning from the lounge car late at night will swipe it, and all kinds of things will go bump in the night until he sets out a fresh one.
The return journey features cocktails and live entertainment in the lounge car, followed by a three-course Andean dinner in the two dining cars.
Price values aside, it may be "club car" ambiance--the chance for riders to board a train before or after dinner, secure their luggage, and spend some time in the bar and lounge car meeting other "strangers in a train".
The dining and lounge car is already complete, with a two-deck-high dance floor, grand piano, and harp.
707-253-2111), a lavishly restored Pullman Dining Lounge car, is a must.
The purchase includes multi-level and single touring cars, l950s-style dining cars, a conference car and a lounge car, all of which began service in May.
From the lounge car, where I'm sipping a gin and tonic before dinner, the western sky--a merciless white since we crossed the Continental Divide near Deming, New Mexico--diffuses into softening layers of dusty yellow ocher, rust, and crimson that linger long after the sun has set.