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The IKEAport: flat pack 'lounge' pops up at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Swedish retail chain IKEA is letting passengers lounge around in its pop-up showroom at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport.
She's over the moon with her new business venture and smugly thinks she can lounge around all day with a few pups.
Hotel guests can now rent and explore the nifty little gadget for periods from one day to two weeks for a flat fee, allowing them unlimited Wifi or 3G Internet access through the device at the same time, together with the freedom to lounge around the resort -- from pool to beach and back -- while exploring the world with their fingertips.
For the first time, visitors would be able to lounge around the masterpiece house build amid a waterfall.
There's also clothes for the more casual, with linen tops, and three-quarter length combats when they want to lounge around.
To help prevent them, keep the genital area clean and dry; avoid irritating bubble baths, soaps or sprays; change tampons or pads as frequently as needed; wear cotton indies; and dont lounge around in a wet bathing suit.
The facility also has a play area where cats can socialize or just lounge around.
said the description of the incident reported at the Paddock Lounge around 8 p.
Too many dogs lounge around all day white their humans are at work, then stuff on table scraps at night.
Here is how it works: In exchange for two hours of volunteer work five days a week, visitors can soak up the sun, lounge around the sea view bar, play euchre on the patio, and swim in the sea or the pool as a guest of the Canterbury Center, at cost.
Back on shore, visitors seeking relaxation can find it at the area's hotels, most of which offer luxury spas, beautiful pools to lounge around and incredible beaches for sunbathing.
Here's a swanky way to chill in Scottsdale, Arizona, Order a martini from room service at the Phoenician, and the attendant arrives with a setup that includes sterling-silver shakers, gin or vodka, vermouth misters, chilled glasses, and an ice bucket, then shakes or stirs your favorite martini to order while you lounge around in a signature resort robe, Cosmopolitan or appletini?
Many students use the summer to earn money for school, while others lounge around at the beach.
Lounge around, read all of the papers, catch up with me besties + all the latest gossip
Haydn Jones reckoned the secret to Miss Flirtatious's run of success was that she kept her best for the racecourse, preferring to lounge around