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Synonyms for lounge

Synonyms for lounge

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for lounge

a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait

sit or recline comfortably

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Coulson, being invited to do so, seated himself on the lounge by the young lady's side.
We have decided," she announced, "to take our coffee out in the lounge.
ll 493-501) Pass by the smithy and its crowded lounge in winter time when the cold keeps men from field work, -- for then an industrious man can greatly prosper his house -- lest bitter winter catch you helpless and poor and you chafe a swollen foot with a shrunk hand.
She sat down on her lounge beside Annushka, and looked about her in the twilight of the sleeping-carriage.
she said to herself resolutely, shifting her seat in the lounge.
Afterwards he lit a cigarette and strolled for a moment into the lounge.
James Harthouse continued to lounge in the same place and attitude, smoking his cigar in his own easy way, and looking pleasantly at the whelp, as if he knew himself to be a kind of agreeable demon who had only to hover over him, and he must give up his whole soul if required.
The second Emir lounges about the rigging awhile, and then slightly shaking the main brace, to see whether it be all right with that important rope, he likewise takes up the old burden, and with a rapid Dinner, Mr.
He was nowhere to be met with; every search for him was equally unsuccessful, in morning lounges or evening assemblies; neither at the Upper nor Lower Rooms, at dressed or undressed balls, was he perceivable; nor among the walkers, the horsemen, or the curricle-drivers of the morning.
A DAY after MAIL TODAY reported a brutal incident, in which a woman was molested and her fiance was assaulted allegedly by four men at the Pepper Kebab, Grill & Lounge in south Delhi's Chanakyapuri area, the Delhi Police suspended the licence of the lounge and arrested one of the accused identified as Sonu.
Qantas unveils new Hong Kong Lounge Qantas has opened the doors to its new Qantas Hong Kong Lounge, offering customers a new standard of luxury when travelling through the city.
New York (USAsian Network Business & Industry News) Mon, Feb 17, 2014 - Qantas will open its new lounge at Singapore's Changi Airport on March 31 and is promising "a new standard of luxury" for travellers as part of the airline's renewed focus on Singapore as a destination rather than a stopover point for Kangaroo Route flights to London.
LOUNGERS, the West Country-based restaurant/ cafe/bar group has opened up its fourth venue in the north this month - Otto Lounge in Heswall - creating 25 jobs for local people.
Auto Business News-October 10, 2013--Renault launches Scenic Lounge and Grand Scenic Lounge in France(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The Al Dhabi Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport has been voted the best airport lounge in the Middle East and Africa.