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having an unusually loud voice

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In a statement issued by Central Media Department, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has condemned in the strongest words the unbearable load shedding even after the loud-voiced claims and promises of the government and decided to lodge a country-wide movement against the frequent and prolonged power outage and circular debt.
In the title role, mezzo-soprano Stephanie Novacek virtually tore up the stage with her vocal and histrionic fury, opposite the Jason of Cyril Auvity, a real haute contre (high tenor) with a fine sense of style, as well as Nathalie Paulin, a slightly soft-voiced Creuse, and Alain Coulombe, a slightly loud-voiced Creon.
Unless I am careful, on public platforms another monster lurks, loud-voiced and overbearing, looking likely to bustle up the aisle to the smokers' corner at any minute.