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an idyllic realm of contentment and self-indulgence


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The cases of master of negative capability Keats' "Ode on Indolence," Baudelaire's Spleen Poems in Les Fleurs du Mal, Sue's La Paresse, Bysshe Vanolis Thomson's "Indolence: A Moral Essay," suspension-obsessed Genevan professor of aesthetics Henri-Frederic Amiel's Journal intime, Symons's "The Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins," the chapter of Joyce's Ulyssses set deep in Lotusland, Evelyn Waugh's essay "Sloth" and, of course, Huxley's own wryly ambivalent compositions inspired by a witting acedia, as in Crome Yellow, (18) to cite but a few of the host of available instances, eloquently attest to the cogency of his timely recollection.
In the lotusland of the Eternal Now all the world's joy and suffering are always and everywhere present (if not on CNN or Oprah, then on the Sunday Night Movie, at www.
It's all too clear where this is headed when Sam (Christian Bale) and Alex (Kate Beckinsale) arrive in Lotusland from Harvard med school to continue their scholarly pursuits.
A recent ruling in a British Columbia human rights case had me thinking I should rake up residence in our own Lotusland.
Burson-Marsteller is active not only in Lotusland, though.
Instead Stone and crew aim for social commentary; they paint the future as a cyberpunk Lotusland where a triumphant corporate capitalism has left a drugged population that experiences everything vicariously--either chemically, spiritually or through a new television technology that projects three-dimensional images (holograms) into your room, "virtual reality," the end product of the "live" TV that is taking over programming.
She is also an active volunteer and served as the board president of Ganna Walska Lotusland, a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit where she participated in management operations, long-range planning, development, governance and finance efforts.
More endearing, if scarcely less persuasive, is the deflationary comparison of the Kennedys and Texas governor John Connolly and his wife riding through Dallas in the Lincoln Continental X-100 to the Beverly Hillbillies making their jalopy entry into Southern California's Lotusland.
They come seeking the enchantment of Lotusland, but then they step through the glass doors of baggage claim at LAX and register this as their first open-air impression of the place: a shadowy canopy of concrete, a frenetic demolition derby of shuttle vehicles, a plume of diesel exhaust, the outraged blast of a horn, and across the way, straining for a few stray rays of sunshine, some very forlorn-looking palm trees.
The NLP's first problem is to be taken seriously, to show that its members are not lotusland dreamers or ivory tower philosophers.
Few of the partying activists, however, deluded themselves into thinking that a Mike Harcourt NDP government would create a |new Jerusalem' in Lotusland.
The best-known property open to the public is Ganna Walska Lotusland, whose owner, Madame Ganna Walska, created an astonishing 20 acres of themed gardens.
Before they arrive, we ply the students with luscious ads, guaranteeing them a cross between summer camp and lotusland.
in the museum, a talk is scheduled on the exotic garden, Lotusland, in Montecito.
FEW OTHER GARDENS ON EARTH CAN MATCH the artful eccentricity of Lotusland, a 37-acre estate garden in Montecito, near Santa Barbara.