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someone indifferent to the busy world


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To encapsulate their views Lyons uses the terms cannibal tour and lotus-eater tour, the modern versions of the literature of encounter, both of which are determined by the need to overcome "colonial shame by embracing Oceanians, who are now considered as unthreatening" (136), but remain intent on presenting the islands in similar terms, as spaces accessible to westerners, as the settings of colonial fantasies whose refreshed versions continue to be realised.
Lotus-eater out-relates stale route 'Real' set out.
He once wrote, "I was determined to be both logician and lotus-eater.
Diplomats are often stereotyped as privileged lotus-eaters.
Then, the book starts following Odysseus, through Calypso's isle, across the wine-dark Aegean, Circe's island, encountering lotus-eaters and Sirens and finally to Ithaca.
Such is the daily routine for modern-day lotus-eaters on Greek islands.
We were in Houmt-Souk, the capital of Djerba, a tiny island just off the coast of Tunisia, known as the isle of the lotus-eaters.
Wood had this to say about the story's lotus eaters, who are rendered blissfully idle after eating the flesh of the fruit: "Look at those people sitting at bars - those are the lotus-eaters.