lotus position

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a sitting position with the legs crossed

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Thai sat barefoot in the lotus position at the defense table while his lawyer claimed that the allegations against him were fabricated and part of a power struggle between the two monks for control of the temple.
At the Zurich airport, Gianni Motti's Pre-Emptive Act, 2007-2008, commented ironically on the security precautions that now accompany all global migration with the silent performance of a security officer assuming the lotus position.
The sight of flabby westerners bouncing up and down on their haunches, legs crossed in the lotus position, was a mainstay on local news programmes in the late 1960s and early 70s.
Dressed in white clothes and adopting the lotus position, she looks like a clean-living yoga fan.
For One Shot in Lotus Position, the War Anthology section that most clearly manifests the been-there/haven't-done-that dichotomy, Mildred Ruiz and Steven Sapp drew inspiration from an image of a camera shot through with a bullet, resting clinically in a void.
As I ran from the swinging clubs of the riot police, my attention turned to a slight young woman sitting beautifully in the lotus position.
For the last month he has been seated in the lotus position listening to gongs and intoning 'Ommm', convinced that if he does so for long enough pictures will eventually be restored.
I will not hear on the loudspeaker the morning announcement: "In other sports news, Nicole's lotus position has improved a hundred and ten percent
The idea of kindergartners sitting in lotus position has gotten several Catholic school parents all tied in knots.
You have probably seen drawings of yogis sitting in lotus position with their many-petaled chakras depicted in various colors.
Harry - who will celebrate his 88th birthday on Christmas Day - said: "Although I have never attended a yoga class in my life, I've been standing on my head and getting into the lotus position for the past 40 years.
As I sat there in a lotus position, a young woman approach ed me and handed me a hymnal so I could follow along.
With the Capitol dome looming behind them, the Falun Gong practitioners sat in the lotus position in neatly spaced rows and demonstrated for reporters their morning exercise regime -- a version of the popular Chinese Qigong practice.
My memory is vivid of the Buddhist monk, crimson robes aflame, sitting lotus position, making his protest by his death.