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the winner of a lottery


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Several have gambled their winnings away, including a two-time lottery winner who ended up living in a trailer.
Colin and Chris Weir, of Largs, Ayrshire, are Britain's biggest ever lottery winners.
Lottery winners, for instance, usually experience a spike in happiness after winning aACAo only to have their happiness levels soon return to baseline.
9 million pounds Euro Millions jackpot, making him the fourth largest winner in the history of UK lottery winners.
A group of the region's biggest National Lottery winners dropped in to donate gifts to members and have a Christmas party.
But the lottery winner has a reason to be cheerful - if they check their ticket in time.
Fellow lottery winner, car mechanic Joe Clarke, 60, scooped PS10.
CLOCKING IN Lottery winners Carl, on the left, and Adrian
Summary: Time is running out for one mystery lottery winner who has less than 24 hours to claim a Au64 million prize.
The good news for everyone is that you don't have to be a lottery winner to head to Florida or the Canaries as there are deals to suit everyone's budget out there at the moment.
Tatal social cost (in dollars) High school Middle school Lottery loser $12,500 $11,000 Lottery winner $7,084 * $4,084 * Note: Table made from bar graph.
MERSEYSIDE'S latest lottery winner was being unveiled today.
Welsh Lottery winners on the National Lottery Winner Wonderland bus with presents they were delivering to the Marie Curie Cancer Centre in Penarth.
LOTTERY winner Susan Crossland has shared the wealth by buying three giant hampers for a charity.