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Synonyms for lottery

Synonyms for lottery

something that is regarded as a chance event

players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots

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If the lottery is having a really good year, the amount that goes to schools will be more,'' said Mathews, the Department of Education analyst.
The bonds are solely secured from a first lien on the statutory allocation of gross lottery revenues deposited into the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF).
Scott, who was not paid for her lottery design, said it took no convincing to do the work.
In Tuesday's ruling, the Court held that the California Lottery Commission did, in fact, violate California law.
Lottery Director William Popejoy, appointed five months ago as a Wilson administration trouble-shooter, presented the plan to Gov.
Forecast of lotteries & organized gambling in China, including trends and forecast market for lottery ticket sales up to 2007;
Phantom Fiber Corporation ("the Company") (OTCBB:PHFB), the leading developer of wireless platform software, is pleased to announced that it has signed a five-year license agreement with News Media Lottery Services Inc.
The California State Lottery awarded more prizes, more often and players responded in droves," said Chon Gutierrez, Acting Director of the California State Lottery.
We are pleased our lawsuit has brought to the forefront the important public debate that should have occurred before the Lottery Commission unilaterally decided to enter in the Mega Millions agreement," says Nick Roxborough, one of the attorneys who filed the suit on behalf of plaintiffs concerned that citizens and their elected representatives were not being consulted before allowing interstate expansion of California's lottery.
A Petition for Writ of Mandate was filed late yesterday afternoon in the Sacramento Superior Court, seeking an injunction to shut down the state's Mega Millions multi-state lottery game.
OAKVILLE, Ontario -- Rehab Lotteries to launch in Ireland powered by New Media Lottery Services and Parlay Entertainment
California's entrance into the multi-state MEGA Millions game is legal and tickets will be on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22, said California Lottery officials during a California Senate Governmental Organization Committee Informational Hearing today.
The California Lottery Commission today moved the Lottery one step closer to launching the multi-state Mega Millions lotto game in California by approving the game's rules and regulations during a Lottery Commission meeting in Sacramento.