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the basic unit of money in Lesotho

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An interesting situation emerges in the work when Loti strikes on an unlikely friendship with a finite being, an old man called Wil.
Or, plusieurs decennies avant la generalisation de ces pratiques, Loti s'etait deja fabrique une identite en recourant a des pratiques materielles et litteraires qui semblent s'apparenter a la "mythologie individuelle" et servent a materialiser ce changement de sujet.
Mr Newall bought Loti a couple of years ago from France, where endurance riding is a very popular sport.
Despues de todo, con sus cronicas de Oriente, Gomez Carrillo reelabora una materia narrativa, la del Viaje a Oriente, popularizada, entre otros, por escritores de renombre internacional como Chateaubriand, Lamartin, Flaubert, Gautier o Loti.
Thousands of people from riverside villages had moved to the safety of higher ground, National Disaster Management Office director Loti Yates said.
Aboul Fotouh, le mieux loti Selon le barometre de l'etude, la classification des candidats est comme suit: le plus jeune des candidats, Khaled Ali, a enregistre (82%), talonne par Hamdine Sabbahi (81,3%), arrive ensuite Aboul Fotouh (79,7%), Amr Moussa occupe le 4e rang (60,3%), et Mohamed Morsi la 5eme place (56,7%), suivi par Aboul Ezz Hariri (55,3%) et en 7eme position Ahmed Chafiq avec (46,7%).
PARIS, May 14, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey will take part in the International Pierre Loti Festival in France.
A new spell of rains had triggered floods in Balochistan submerging several villages including Habib Rahi, Lop, Loti, Sui and adjoining areas.
Loti was an active officer in the French navy from 1873-1910, so while he did spend some time in Paris, he was never a regular in the era's literary salons, which he hated.
An incident in this race saw Soto Loti clip heels with Wicklows Call inside the last furlong and unseat rider James Sullivan.
The playwright, Pierre Loti (1850-1923), was one of France's best known and most admired novelists of the late 19th century.
Sex, Sailors and Colonies: Narratives of Ambiguity in the Works of Pierre Loti.
The fact that their names were Lapo and Loti immediately suggests a classic comedy duo.
Rigolot finds traces of Xenophon, Plato, Virgil, the Gospels, Loti, Segalen, Claudel, Marco Polo and Jules Verne.