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a globular water bottle used in Asia

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The committed leaders could not afford to live with lotas who have no ideology or principles; what they seek is power at all costs and so far they have been very successful at it.
A close study of PTI reveals that the election strategy of Imran Khan revolves round the Lotas.
The LOTAS Group consists of trauma anesthesiologists, a nurse anesthetist, an experimental psychologist, and a human factors engineer.
See Mackenzie, Hu, Horst, & the LOTAS Group, 1995, for a description of the video recording system.
Judy Lotas, Partner, Lotas, Minard, Patton, Mclver, and Burt Manning, Chairman Emeritus, J.
Prior to SiegelGale, Knapp was Group Director at Lotas Minard Patton McIver leading the repositioning of Procter & Gamble's Max Factor cosmetics line.
The stolen toilet accessories, including water-taps, sink and lotas speak loud of the fact that CDA has turned a deaf ear to the question of public welfare.
He said that government is neither running on stay order nor have lotas.
ATG) (OTC BB:ATEG), inventor and manufacturer of The Force(R), the proprietary airborne combustion enhancement product for improved engine performance, announced today the product has received the endorsement and approval of The Lotas Club, the premier association of vehicle maintenance providers in Japan.
LAHORE, March 15, 2011 (Frontier Star): The issue of lotas (turncoats) has intensified in Punjab as lotas carrying women members of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) staged a strong protest at Chohang Cross in Lahore on Monday.
The CEBAs, held at the Sheraton New York, celebrate creative excellence in business advertising, and the agencies that produce them, drew a diverse line-up of key business-to-business leaders, including Lee Lynch, chairman/CEO, Carmichael Lynch, Judy Lotas, partner, Lotas Minard Patton McIver Inc.
Criticising PML-N, he said we have no lust of power in Punjab and we wanted to promote the politics of principle, but Nawaz Sharif was promoting Lotas turncoats.