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a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

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Let us be clear about one thing: I am not_saying that the sight test should be a loss leader, but that is the current reality in the main.
During the debate, Coun Tom Ansell said a combination of supermarkets selling drink as a loss leader, the smoking ban and breweries charging publicans high prices were to blame for the decline of pubs.
Supermarkets are exploiting this to sell beer as a loss leader, but small shops rely on beer.
They get the best of the frontlist and treat it as a loss leader.
To activate the Sustainable Market Initiative in the arts supply retail channel, Golden Artists Colors will institute several key measures, including a minimum advertised price policy, which will assure that the advertising of the brand does not represent Golden products as a loss leader or lower-value product.
Operating student residences, however, can prove to be a loss leader.
The book directly competes with annual publications by large publishers who sell the book for a very cheap price as a loss leader.
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By the 1980s, however, Andersen and the other major accounting firms turned the basic audit service into a loss leader to their consulting services.
Therefore, in the early stages, they could afford the national airline to be a loss leader to open it up to competition, never mind if it is losing left and right now.
The Xbox, however, will be Microsoft's biggest loss leader ever, losing about $125 per unit, according to published reports.
However, Sony is planning to sell the console as a loss leader and make profits on DVDs, CD-ROMs and later, network downloads.
Chairman Arthur Levitt, as well as senior SEC staff, warned the profession about making financial statement audits a loss leader to attract lucrative consulting engagements.
He said: "This is partly the result of supermarkets using alcohol as a loss leader to attract buyers in.
Alcohol is in real terms, much cheaper than it was two decades ago and some supermarkets seem intent on using it as a loss leader.