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a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

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As an industry, I think we have to look at changing the way corn is marketed to avoid making it a loss leader, but still offer it at an attractive price," he continues.
Let us be clear about one thing: I am not_saying that the sight test should be a loss leader, but that is the current reality in the main.
During the debate, Coun Tom Ansell said a combination of supermarkets selling drink as a loss leader, the smoking ban and breweries charging publicans high prices were to blame for the decline of pubs.
Punitive tax measures might have swollen the Treasury coffers, but it has done little to force up the price of alcohol in supermarkets - many of whom continue to run promotions and sell as a loss leader.
Supermarkets are exploiting this to sell beer as a loss leader, but small shops rely on beer.
They get the best of the frontlist and treat it as a loss leader.
Operating student residences, however, can prove to be a loss leader.
The book directly competes with annual publications by large publishers who sell the book for a very cheap price as a loss leader.
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By the 1980s, however, Andersen and the other major accounting firms turned the basic audit service into a loss leader to their consulting services.
The Xbox, however, will be Microsoft's biggest loss leader ever, losing about $125 per unit, according to published reports.
However, Sony is planning to sell the console as a loss leader and make profits on DVDs, CD-ROMs and later, network downloads.
Chairman Arthur Levitt, as well as senior SEC staff, warned the profession about making financial statement audits a loss leader to attract lucrative consulting engagements.
Introducing or liquidating items are legitimate below cost sales opportunities, while loss leader sales are prohibited.
He said: "This is partly the result of supermarkets using alcohol as a loss leader to attract buyers in.