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an act that despoils the innocence or beauty of something

the act of depriving a woman of her virginity (especially by rupturing the hymen through sexual intercourse)

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This is the range of American male genital experience, from herpes to prostate surgery, from losing virginity to finding Viagra, from a straight frat boy's braggadocio to a matter-of-fact gay man's realization early on that he was different (in his case, about three times the size of his schoolmates).
The research found the average age of losing virginity in Britain is now 16.
uk also highlighted a shift towards losing virginity earlier.
One in five under-16s mistakenly believes that 13 is the average age for losing virginity when actually it's just under 17.
London, June 6 (ANI): A secret cache of papers reveals how after losing virginity in a gay tryst at 38 curbed EM Forster's creative drive.