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Synonyms for patience

Synonyms for patience

the capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint

Synonyms for patience

good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence

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a card game played by one person

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US prosecutors are losing patience with European banks that are under probe for helping Americans evade tax.
Many eurozone finance ministers have started losing patience.
In a 2008 cable marked "China Losing Patience With Burma", the senior US diplomat in Burma at the time, Shari Villarosa, described a lunch with the Chinese Ambassador, Guan Mu, and said that the Chinese were worried about political turmoil that could affect their business interests.
GREG Abbott has warned Richard Offiong he is losing patience with the Carlisle United striker.
Our kidnappers are losing patience, they are concerned that there has been no response at all to their demands for money.
com reckon the next SPL gaffer to be caught out could be John Hughes who has every right to be losing patience with his Hibs stars.
CARL FROCH insists he is more interested in fighting Kelly Pavlik than Joe Calzaghe after losing patience with Wales' unbeaten light-heavyweight.
I think the Arsenal fans are losing patience and I think the hierarchy will lose patience as well, which is a shame.
He said: "The night shows people are losing patience with Labour and Gordon Brown.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, chairman of the MTA board, clearly was losing patience over what he called ``this humongous, earth-shattering issue.
RB says: Judging by the abuse Rio got in Tokyo I'd say United's fans are already losing patience.
Congress, though, is losing patience with the Treasury Dept.
Two years and no kid, even James is losing patience with Emma (can the readers be far behind?
Losing patience, his mother has him shipped off to her brother in the Colonies, where she hopes the tough Colonel Gower will straighten Creighton out.
Against this backdrop, executives and investors--the "team owners"--are losing patience with mediocre financial returns and middling-to-negative growth in new business.