lose track

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fail to keep informed or aware

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Nearly two-thirds (61%) of people surveyed say apps make it easier to part with their cash, while 31% believe apps have a negative impact on their finances, either meaning they spend more or lose track of their outgoings.
Ever lose track of your spending and wonder where your money is going?
ACCORDING to a report by global payments technology company Visa, Indian consumers on an average lose track of Rs 383 per week in cash spending, adding up to almost Rs 20,000 per year.
The no-slip, rubberized Kraton handle is bright orange so you don't lose track of it (Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.
And, so we don't lose track of the original meaning of the holy days, Janet Weeks' "When the Spirit Moves" tells us about choreographers who are steeped in a spiritual tradition.
If it's really crowded, sometimes it's hard to see out and sometimes you lose track of where you are,'' said Kim Upton, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
The group found people were most likely to lose track of their spending while grocery shopping, with 51 per cent claiming to have got through more cash than they realised.
Kramer's deep, rich voice sometimes seems a bit too heavy in depicting the anguished, sensitive Tucker, but he never lets listeners lose track of Tucker as a driven professional and loving father.
Since I was climbing these trees all the time, I would lose track of the fact that one of them was dangerous.
Often, our students are not facing us in lessons, and it is easy to lose track of how much time goes by without eye contact.