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eyeglasses that are held to the eyes with a long handle

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It's very pretty," said the creature, regarding the lorgnette approvingly; "but what is it for?
inquired Franz, after the countess had a second time directed her lorgnette at the box, "what do you think of our opposite neighbor?
The display is also comprised of more than 150 accessories including hand fans, parasols and umbrellas, hats, jewellery, purses, vests, corsets, lorgnettes, as well as many other fashion items now discarded from our daily usage, dooming them to complete oblivion.
The vintage lorgnettes come complete with silk case and original box.
En Algerie, bien avant l'independance, cette litterature, orientaliste a souhait et totalement discriminatoire vis-a-vis de l'[beaucoup moins que] indigene [beaucoup plus grand que] qu'elle regardait avec des lorgnettes, n'a pas emballe grand monde.
On ne peut toutefois s'empecher de mettre en doute son argumentation lorsqu'on remarque que la parole des musiciens villageois, pourtant abondamment rapportee dans la premiere partie ethnographique sur les orchestres, disparait completement dans la section suivante, soit au moment oo Hood enfile les lorgnettes philosophiques du triguna.
The ophthalmological history of the Tsar's Court occupies a few pages, revealing some interesting lorgnettes.
They are packed into theater boxes, given lorgnettes, monitored for inappropriately rowdy and unbourgeois listening habits, and ultimately abandoned, entombed in concert halls and theaters.
THEY are Victoria silver folding lorgnettes opera / theatre glasses.
Of course, if you wanted to rattle your jewellery and wobble your lorgnettes in appreciation from your own box, the best seats in the house would have rushed you pounds 58 apiece.
Iskin identifies a new genre of images representing fashionable bourgeois women exercising their gazes by looking through opera glasses or lorgnettes.
You only make out some indecipherable conversations and shuffling, or see tailcoats, lorgnettes, bows, and chandeliers--so why do the salons irritate you so?
on lui fait prendre cette precaution et bien d'autres, car il s'est apercu que nos officiers, du haut de la Kasbah, dominaient les terrasses, et y braquaient leurs lorgnettes, et se permettaient des conversations telegraphiques de nature equivoque, et pas du tout conforme a la loi du prophete" (Lagrange 45-46).
The military title, "Communique," is a hint we might overlook; and that image of tulips bending like old crones with lorgnettes is lovely enough, certainly, to relish in itself.
Contemporaries would have immediately recognized the implication of the monocle, an accessory worn almost exclusively by men, while women conventionally carried lorgnettes (Hadler 122).