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having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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In a lordotic posture the upper erector spinae have the greatest moment arm of all the lumbar extensors (Daggfeldt and Thorstensson 2003), which allows them to generate a large extensor moment that resists bending forces produced by forward inclination of the trunk (Macintosh and Bogduk 1987).
A small degree of both kyphotic and lordotic curvature is normal.
The article quoted clearly shows that the authors understood that femoral abduction could contribute to a lordotic curve in the lumbar spine.
This is requested because the normal lordotic curvature of the lumbar spine allows the intervertebral interspaces to be shown more optimally in this projection.
49 Other microscopic examination COSTAR(c) TB234 AFB smear COSTAR TB850 AFB culture and sensitivity Radiology codes CPT 71010 Chest, single view, frontal CPT 71020 Chest, two views, frontal and lateral CPT 71021 Chest with apical lordotic procedure CPT 71030 Chest, complete, minimum of four views CPT 71250 CT, thorax, without contrast CPT 71260 CT, thorax, with contrast CPT 71270 CT, thorax, without contrast, followed by contrast CPT 71550 MRI(d) chest CPT 71555 MRI chest (excluding myocardium) ICD-9 procedure 87.
The positional films often show malalignment of vertebrae in the area of the damaged ligament, such as loss of the normal lordotic curve.
Its innovative design allows for controlled translation in flexion-extension which was confirmed by clinical findings and is the only device on the market with a lordotic option.
Coric adds: "I like the in-situ lordotic expansion which allows for restoration of the disc height, segmental lordosis and overall sagittal balance".
The FLXfit combines minimal invasive access, maximum footprint support and a large bone graft chamber with unique lordotic expansion for optimal anatomical fit.
In this sense, Grabara and Hadzik (2009) found that a kyphotic posture tended to be more frequent and the lordotic one less frequent in volleyball players than in untrained subjects.
Because anterior tilt of the pelvis causes the sacral base to be unlevel, the lumbar spine compensates with a lordotic curve to ultimately bring the upper spine and head back toward vertical.
Underscore the posture of the low back by sustaining its normal lordotic curve.
Throughout day 1 of illness, the bat periodically "frothed at the mouth" and had repeated lordotic spasms, during which it vocalized loudly.
ROI-C Lordotic Cervical Cage expands LDR's market-leading stand-alone cervical fusion portfolio featuring VerteBRIDGE([R]) Plating Technology
The lordotic curve of the cervical spine becomes accentuated during head protrusion, and vice versa during head retraction (Penning 1992, Ordway et al 1999).