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an abnormal inward (forward) curvature of the vertebral column


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In such conditions, the disk-vertebra angle becomes a prevention factor for disk protrusion towards the posterior, while a reduction of this index (and, globally, of the lordosis level) becomes a factor entailing disk protrusion, the aspect being confirmed by the literature also.
1] Lumbar degenerative kyphosis, a sagittal imbalance due to lumbar kyphosis or marked loss of lumbar lordosis (LL), was first described by Takemitsu et al .
Bipedalism and lumbar lordosis are often regarded as a cause of low back pain, through increased spinal shearing forces and increased risk of spondylolisthesis.
Following the US FDA clearance, FLXfit15 will expand the surgeon's flexibility and capability by offering a family of products in different length options with infinitely adjustable expansion and lordosis correction of upto 4mm and 15?
Limitations of the study: First, we suggest that CSE may adjust the lumbar spine alignment by improving the muscle forces, but we didn't carry out a comparative measurement of lumbar lordosis or sacral slope.
He describes how gene expression is causally linked to reproductive behaviors; specific genes involved in lordosis behavior regulation, those expressing gonadotropin-releasing hormone and oxytocin; neural and behavioral controls of reproduction and seven principles of hormone/behavior relations; the neuronal force called generalized arousal that fosters mating behavior; and sex differences in the brain and behavior.
Once the graft and cage were placed within the interbody space, pedicle screws were attached to lordotic rod and carefully compressed to restore lumbar lordosis.
All these posture parameters can be explained because the magnitude of lumbar lordosis has been traditionally considered as being higher in women than men; mean differentiation values have even been established [2[degrees]- 5[degrees]] [22].
Neurological examination revealed increased lumbar lordosis, mildly decrease strength of proximal thigh muscles, hyperactive deep tendon reflexes, and extensor plantar reflexes.
The anthropometric points: spinous processes, lower corners of the scapulae, peak of kyphosis, the deepest point of lordosis, transition of kyphosis into lordosis, and posterior iliac spines were determined by palpation and marked with a dermatograph by a physiotherapist.
Later, kyphosis and lordosis angles were calculated and converted to Cobb's angle equivalents, using the following method:
Bending forward with neutral lumbar lordosis (as opposed to increased thoracic kyphosis and rounded lumbar lordosis) also appears to decrease undesirable downward pelvic pressure.
Therefore, bilateral foraminal stenosis at C4/5 and posterior shift of the spinal cord which were thought to have been caused by laminectomy and unintentionally gained lordosis might have resulted in the kinking of bilateral C5 nerve roots.
To summarize, the postures that imply the physiological lumbar lordosis decrease the pressure and the degenerative risk in the intervertebral disk, expose the ligaments to less pressure and, though they increase the loading on the zygapophysial joints, they are not considered a danger for the spine.
Most individuals suffer of mild or severe spinal column deformities, such as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis or combinations of these.