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Synonyms for lordly

Synonyms for lordly

Synonyms for lordly

of or befitting a lord


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having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

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who has earned noble and lordly confidence from his majesty the king," Hamadeh said.
Van Dijk was majestic at Celtic and has been regal at Southampton, where, as soon as he arrived two years ago, he assumed a lordly guise, healing everyone who pined for Toby Alderweireld.
Writers at Time magazine seemed to be in competition to coin the most clever epithet for him: "the lordly boss of the A.
This version begins with Tarzan, settled now in his lordly English life, married to Lady Jane, being recalled to his old constituency in the wilds of the Congo.
Lady Cora cocks her head coquet-tishly to one side and wheedles in a babyish Yankee twang to her lordly hubbie Lady Edith gets jilted, dumped or her significant other simply vaporises somewhere in middle Europe Lord Grantham is bemused by newfangled modern contraptions, ie.
As should the latest lordly lambs to the telly slaughter.
Between 1270 and 1330, they were converted both in France and in England into royal and lordly officers of arms, charged with a growing set of duties as proclaimers, messengers, masters of ceremonies, and the like.
Feudal language of lordly fidelity was replaced by the authority of state institutions as embodied in the person of the lord deputy.
183) the concept of lordly planning in villages is surely a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.
However much we seek to deny it, there is something alluring about that sense of entitlement and lordly arrogance which sends otherwise perfectly sane people all gooey.
bellowed a very lordly voice at the other end of the line.
Rough and lordly, Axel makes it no secret that he believes himself to be the better leader.
Maybe, a century or so down the road, the lordly chestnut will once again dominate the woodlands of eastern America.
What the Administration is trying to spin as a function of complex Iranian politics was, in blunt fact, an expression of lordly contempt for what Iranian leaders consider to be an overeager suitor from an unworthy nation.
The lordly Alp, and Appenine, and Hermon's sacred height,