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If, like me, you love Federer's game but have gotten tired of his Sire Jacket lordliness over the years, you'll like him even more, because it's going to be a while before Dimitrov lords it over anyone.
The new bullies and the old, motivated by a common craving for lordliness, have a hard headstart on the meek.
Up to 50,000 regulars at Stamford Bridge are believed to be most at risk of contracting the W9L0 virus, otherwise known as Chelsea Syndrome, characterised by early symptoms of condescension and lordliness developing quickly into boredom and bankruptcy.
Boudu also sings this song, mimicking Lestingois, on completion of a slap-up meal, presumably in celebration of his newfound lordliness, having mastered dinner etiquette and the problem of salt spillage.
Where she differs from former Prime Minister Thatcher is that she wears her heart on her sleeve and has never tried to assume the lordliness of her fellow professionals; on the contrary .