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evergreen tree of warm regions having fuzzy yellow olive-sized fruit with a large free stone

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Teresa writes: "My friend's mother, who lives in West Yorkshire, has a loquat tree which never flowered.
I swung down out of the loquat tree, and started running across the vacant lot toward Oswald Whitaker's house to see if he'd heard the good news.
Syrian laborer Nazir Naser entertains himself with singing while he climbs the loquat tree to pick its fruit.
Among the fruit's biggest fans is the head of the Future bloc Fouad Siniora, and there are several loquat trees planted at the garden of his office in Sidon.
Most of the loquat trees in Sidon have been uprooted as a result of construction projects.
The Kanhatti Gardens, which come under the control of the Khushab District Council, are remarkable indeed, with almond, apricot, pineapple, olive, orange, fig and loquat trees.
Among the colllected species was Clubiona juvenis (Simon, 1878) (Clubionidae), found on the loquat trees, and representing a new record for this spider species in Turkey.
There was also a difference in where different spider families were found; for example Clubionidae were most common in citrus and loquat trees.
TIP OF THE WEEK: Loquat trees produce soft, yellow fruit that has the texture of apricots.
We have planted an oak, two loquat trees (these produce a delicious yellow fruit), a pine (my bow to the pines I remember in Alabama), a couple of cedars, and redbuds.
Another attractive planting featured ornamental bronze loquat trees underplanted with white carpet roses.
Multistemmed bronze loquat trees add height about halfway up the berm.
Set at the base of a three-story house, it was shaded and enclosed by old olive and loquat trees as well as house walls and an exterior staircase.