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remove by or as if by cutting

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McCarthy works closely with studio assistants, directing them to cast heads or make pirate forms based on Disneyland characters and then redirects them to lop off the noses, reconfigure the cheekbones, or add dicks where their eyes should be.
When you lop off coarse hair with a razor, it sometimes tends to curl and penetrate into the skin as it grows.
Such a workflow, if it performs as smoothly as advertised, could potentially lop off months of designer time over the course of surfacing an entire vehicle; which may be a cost savings OEMs will find too good to pass up.
If S&P decides to lop off that third B off EDS' credit rating, the service giant would be in junk bond territory.
His second effort, about the inhabitants of a small town in Florida who lop off their limbs for insurance money ("They literally became a fraction of themselves to become whole financially," Morris says), ran into some problems when his subjects allegedly threatened to kill him.
It became obvious to us, however, that the conditions under which we began developing the Marais no longer existed when we were set to lop off in December 2001.
Summarizing the deal in their story "Pat Robertson's Gold Fever," writers Bob Drury and Aram Roston wrote, "[I]t seems clear that in his lust to tap the lucre of the West African Craton [gold seam], the Reverend Pat Robertson has crossed a moral line in order to go into business with a torturer, a murderer, a barbarian who has supported thugs who lop off the arms of defenseless women and children.
On the downside, checkout staff left our shopper in the dark about Safeway's lop off a litre of petrol special offer.
Why didn't they use the land on each side, visible in the aerial shot, lop off a storey and copy Melbourne, or Santa Anita for that
A follow-up pact could lop off another 1000 to 1500.