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  • verb

Synonyms for lop

Synonyms for lop

to decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising

to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly

Synonyms for lop

cut off from a whole


Related Words

cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

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It is my honor to be here for the grand opening of the "Center of Hope" clinic under tripartite collaboration between the Lop Buri Provincial Government, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Dramaraksa Foundation -- Wat Phrabatnampo," said Mr.
3d was that the cut surface of the LOP sheets in these LOP-rich blends were rough after freeze polishing.
In Tropen these phenomena were light and colors; in Die Wuste Lop Nor they are sand and dunes.
22LR, CAP 10+1,18 Inch Blued Barrel, Adjustable Rifle Sight, LOP 14 % Inch, Engraved
Bill would help appoint a CBI director in the absence of LoP
Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mahmoud Bahmani announced on Wednesday that a group tasked with working on the Ahmadinejad administration's economic reform plan has approved a proposal to lop three zeros off the Rial.
I'm also gratefulr to the Friendsr of Trinityr Fields who also provr ided v us with additional funding - these new e rooms will allowo pupils to deve e lop their communication m and interactionr and will not onlyl be used by our own w pupils but also by other pupils fromr acrossr the county borough.
The English lop rabbit is bred for its long ears to be exhibited at animal shows.
When I wanted to lop a loose branch on a tree in my garden two officials had to come from the local council and hold a solemn meeting underneath before the tree surgeon could remove it.
To head off damage, eyeball the lop area of the moldboard for hard-packed sand.
For my 13th birthday I asked for a rabbit and got a Mini Lop cross buck named "Brown Sox.
Limited Tenders are invited for Enquiry For 3 -Screw Lop -Lmrv.
The apex court takes on the NDA govt for not reaching aconsensus over LoP in Lok Sabha
At the last DVLA auction PAT 5Y made nearly pounds 15,000, S1 LVA over pounds 14,000, HUR 5T over pounds 30,000, S1 MBA more than pounds 15,000, PAS 510N pounds 21,000 and H15 LOP almost pounds 9,000.
CRT effectively removes some of the most persistent and powerful spyware programs today, including Commonname, LOP, SurfSidekick, VX2/Abetterinternet/Aurora, and Elite Keylogger.