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A local representative of Robinson's Mall said the owners had decided not to charge any looter to "help the city heal and recover.
The participants agreed that as the PML-N and JUP are the founder parties of the country and would be able to jointly block the way of looters and corrupt elements in general elections.
The looter stopped in his tracks by Mr Snow is not on trial.
At least a few looters re-emerged to rob a market, despite orders placing the city's security under military command.
While there is a truth to his argument, people will surely question the moral authority of the Philippine Senate to call for penalty on petty looters (although some, admittedly, got big-ticket items such as appliances and electronic goods) when three of its members are suspected of looting public coffers by conniving with pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles who has allegedly pocketed P10 billion?
THE leader of Coventry City Council has called for help to catch the 'scumbag' looters who brought shame on Coventry.
The five-week trial heard that "wetting" looters was a common way for the army to deal with looters in the initial stages of the peace processors, because soldiers were vastly outnumbered.
Troops were deployed to help with evacuations and to stop looters.
Shock: A brazen looter in Temple Row and, right, a youth (centre) rides off on a bike from Richer Sounds.
A PRIMARY school mentor, a charity worker, a mum-of-one and a boy aged just 11 were among the looters and rioters hauled into court yesterday.
OFFICIALS watched helplessly as looters around the city ransacked stores for food, clothing, appliances and guns.
Manzoor Hussain, brother of alleged looter was present on the check post for receiving his brother but the security forces on check post arrested the two brothers along with the looted money but the political Muharar Tariq Hussain and Syed Hussain took Rs 1.
Other footage captured a hapless looter taking a tumble as he frantically tried to escape from New Street's looted Adidas store.
A LOOTER has been jailed after he was caught on his way to steal from flood victims' evacuated homes.
The protesters also displayed placards and banners saying "who is looter, we hate looter, don't be a looter", "bombs for not realizing monetary demand, it's very irritating", "condemn bombing on civilian place".