loose-leaf lettuce

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lettuce with loosely curled leaves that do not form a compact head

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This initiative will involve cultivating loose-leaf lettuces (non-head-forming lettuces*2) by leasing a gymnasium at an abandoned school (the former Minamidani Elementary School) from Yabu City in Hyogo Prefecture and building and operating an artificial light plant factory inside the gymnasium.
I have not tried any variety recently, but a dependable old standby is Black Seeded Simpson loose-leaf lettuce.
The salad garden we show at far left includes romaine and red-tinged loose-leaf lettuce.
Some loose-leaf lettuces such as Salad Bowl and Lollo Rosa have wonderful crinkly leaves and wouldn't seem out of place among summer bedding.
Loose-leaf lettuces are great value for money as they are 'cut-and-come- again' types that can be sown less frequently and they crop for longer.
Though all loose-leaf lettuces can be grown as cutting lettuces, oakleaf varieties are particularly popular because of their distinctive leaf shapes, buttery textures, and sweet flavor.
The loose-leaf lettuces mature faster than their cousins, usually within 40 days.
To rinse loose-leaf lettuces like butter, romaine, or red-leaf, or greens like escarole, break leaves from core into cool water; wash other loose leaves such as spinach or watercress the same way.