loose cannon

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a person who is expected to perform a particular task but who is out of control and dangerous

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No legal action was taken, apart from "advisory letters" sent to Loose Cannon, after a Northumberland County Council investigation.
Another company, Loose Cannon Marquee Events, which lists the same directors - Neil Winterbottom and Jordan Jefferson - was dissolved in June, according to Companies House.
He had travelled south hoping revenge - Richards beat him into guide enoug"Tyson's a loose cannon and I think the problem is he's got no-one in PR to guide him.
But before that he wrote under his own nameplate, "The Loose Cannon Libertarian.
He (Blatter) is a bit of a loose cannon," said Brady.
That's tough enough to achieve without a loose cannon like Kadafi flapping his gums.
Were I to write that book today I would call it The Biggest Loose Cannon in America and leave off the question mark.
Mcllvaine told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "He's such a loose cannon.
Historic parallels always pose difficulties, but Ahmadinejad is clearly a loose cannon and an embarrassment.
As he is in any band, Valente is the loose cannon, for although he blends well in the section his sound in a solo is almost overwhelming, certainly against this polite rhythm team.
The Speaker of the House viewed him as something of a loose cannon, but also as someone who could be useful if he could be held in check.
ACTION man Stephen Seagal plays a loose cannon copper on the trail of all manner of nastiness and corruption in Detroit.
A loose cannon who delights in attacking environmentalists in coarse language, the oil state congressman is a prime House author of "takings" legislation designed to protect property owners from the enforcement of environmental laws.
Hussein was a loose cannon, but he was considered a loose cannon that could be brought under control with cautious diplomacy and economic blandishments.