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Because this is serious," answered Brown; "this is not spilt snuff or loose pebbles, that might be there for a hundred reasons.
Loose Cannon was not available for further comment at the time of going to press.
Now the Loose Women are launching Loose Books - which insiders predict will be a similarly massive success.
have happened to the victim is beyond comprehension," Locked |Paul Loose and Ryan Loose, 24, of Tanycoed, Wrexham, and Roberts, 18, of Tanybryn, Wrexham - both high on drink and drugs - were initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
The company says its ICON Au loose tea infuser is highlighted by a structured shaping that allows loose leaf tea leaves to luxuriantly unfold in hot water.
Scattered among the Appalachian foothills and mountains extending from the Southeast up into New England and beyond are thousands of archaeological loose stone structure sites.
In research published in this week's online edition of Science, postdoc Nicholas Vyleta and Professor Peter Jonas of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) uncover the existence of loose coupling between calcium channels and release sensors of exocytosis at a mature central synapse in the rodent brain.
Pretty soon, there's a chain reaction of loose nuts, wobbly road-wheels and snapped studs.
Loose tea and green tea have never been my top choices, because despite the health benefits attributed to the latter, I've often found the ones I've tried bitter and hard to drink, plus fiddling around with leaves can be a nuisance, especially at work.
He dropped in on telly's Loose Women for a chat and couldn't help but haul out a Celtic top with the name "Loose Man" on the back.
It's a glimpse of what it must be like to be a guest on Loose Women - a case of every man, or woman, for themselves, amidst all the hoopla.
61 down the back of their sofa, while two-thirds of us regularly find loose coins, according to Halifax.
Casino players who will wear complimentary Barona Loose Troop Gear may win prizes, cash and discounts in August.
50 per kilo for pre-sliced carrots compared to 75p per kilo when bought loose.
The loose tenon joint incorporates a separate tenon component that is inserted into mortises machined into both pieces to be joined.