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(computer science) executing the same set of instructions a given number of times or until a specified result is obtained

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In the United States, Deborah Meier, a well-known New York City educator and author, began using looping in 1974.
The literature on looping reports many benefits of this practice.
Moreover, research indicates that looping gives children more time to build relationships essential to learning and aids in the development of social skills (Checkley, 1995), reduces anxiety experienced by students when they go from one grade level to the next (Grant & Johnson, 1995), and improves student confidence and parent-teacher relationships (Little & Dacus, 1999).
Concomitantly, the literature on looping indicates some potential disadvantages of looping.
The findings concerning benefits of looping mostly reflect its social advantages for students.
Pain from looping leads to the need for sedation, with its associated expense and risks.
However, it is still technically challenging, largely due to unpredictable looping which has been demonstrated to occur in the majority of cases," said study lead investigator, Dr.
Compared to a conventional colonoscope in the bench studies, the Navigator Endoscopy System applied significantly less force to the colon wall at the sigmoid flexure, which is the primary location of looping in colonoscopy.
The Navigator Endoscopy System is designed to traverse the natural shape of the colon, based on the computerized map, so less force is applied to the colon wall, which could potentially eliminate or reduce significantly the incidence of looping.
We believe that by addressing looping, the Navigator Endoscopy System has the potential to significantly increase the number of colonoscopies that endoscopists are able to perform, which will be particularly important as the demand for the procedure continues to grow.